UDT Fit Question

I will first admit I have been a lurker here for almost 5 years I think, and twice my account disappeared for lack of use. This time I have my own garage and am making a push though. Thank all of you for your ideas and inspiration.

Now to my question, my long awaited UDTs showed up today, very exciting. They are huge compared to my redleys. I wear a size 12/13 shoe, and therefore ordered the XXL. The width is good with my 3mm booties on, but there is a little play. The ankle hole is a near perfect fit. But the toe box is long enough that with my feet in the fins I could stash my wallet and keys in on fin and a bar of wax in the other. To the rest of you guys wearing these, is this normal, or should I step down a size? Are these sized the same as a standard duck foot fin.

Ima 10, wear L’s with 3mm finsocks, tight with 3mm booties.

Seen some guys wear Teva type sandals, and Aquashoes inside them.

Even the S is huge compared to most other fins.

At an 8 1/2 - 9 EEE or wider, I have some new Deets UDT 'L’s that I am happy with, using either thin fin socks or with 3mm ‘reef boots’ . As the toe/foot area is stiffer compound than the blades, a little toe space isn’t the problem it’d be with soft foot-pocket/hard blade fins - the structure is better and they don’t flop around like dying fish. The sizes are ‘close enough’ to the older standard Voit Duck Feet that I’m comfortable with ordering the same size.

Are you getting good thrust with no odd ‘bending’ feeling at the toes , as in the blade isn’t following the line of your foot, so to speak? . If so - good, otherwise maybe going down a size might be a move.

hope that’s of use


Size 11EE. XL’s were too narrow. XXL with 5mil fin sock is a good fit. With socks, skin remains on toes and feet have extra padding to absorb leverage from fins. The length of the foot pocket is not an issue. I could let my toenails grow.

I’ve used the XXL UDTs for about 1-1/2 months in unaltered form. Last night, on a 2nd set, I sanded down all ribs, top and bottom, leaving the length intact. After conditioning with the full load UDTs, the altered fins do “reduce ankle leverage, make ‘average motoring speed’ strokes quicker/more efficient, yet maintain explosive power when needed.” Great fins either way. Maximum hp.

Where did you find 5mm booties? I am assuming they are fin socks? or are they regular booties?

I tried them with my 3 mm fin socks the other day and the power was like a dream come true, but they floated around a bit on my feet.

H20 Odyssey 5mm Ultra Socks, http://www.ebodyboarding.com/s.nl/sc.9/category.16/it.A/id.2420/.f

good service, had stock on items I ordered