uh oh, another leash question

That cord that passes through the fin box broke on my longboard.

I have a replacement, and I’m about to put it in.

before I do anything more stupid, is there anything I need to know? Special techniques, knots, the like?

Thanks folks!

tie knot. pass a wire from top to bottom through hole, through loop, pass end of wire on bottom side back through hole, pull both ends of wire at same time. loop is in disgard wire, you now deserve a beer.

Lets see-

What I have done in the past is heat up the very end of the line- it’s usually nylon or dacron braid stuff like lawnmower starter cord - and put a little point on it. Watch out, melted nylon is like naplam, it sticks and it burns.

Pass it through the hole ( waxing the line to help it slide through isn’t a bad idea ) , tie a figure eight knot in the fin box end and a bowline in the other and there you are. If you see it starting to fray a little, replace it with that nice lawnmower cord, which is only about 30 cents a foot.

hope that’s of use


why do you have a leash on a longboard??


why do you have a leash on a longboard??

Here we go again, but seriously,

I hate leashes, believe me.

They are a huge impediment to developing a clean style.

But here we have rocky shores, summer crowds, etc.

They are a necessary evil nowadays.

Thanks to the others for the good advice.


well, sounds like good reasons to me…rocks are one thing, but crowds???that’s the worst!

necessary evil/…

standing army

covert ops training

I was trying to protect everyone from my loose board

rocks protect shorelines from pedestrians

and loose surfboard attacks

as well as rogue waves

the belief that all you need is a leash to complete the package of man and surfboard is an evolving ethic.

god bless those that wear the leash.

may they have a safe time surfing together,with their boards.

…ambrose… I feel so much safer…

OK, we all know it’s the training wheels concept. Wearing a leash may even make it more likely that someone will dump the board rather than holding onto it, and then there will be a whacking.

I cannot tell a lie. I wear one because I’m too lazy to swim.

Hell, I mostly surf beach breaks so I don’t mind the short swim. But there are just too many people (some kids) between a potential wipeout and the sand for me to feel good about having my board flying in at them. When no one wore leashes and people were used to boards coming in towards shore, I doubt this was much of a problem. But now no one is expecting it.

So we have two options: wear a leash, or surf well within our limits so that the board never gets away from us. Usually I surf conservatively and just cruise anyway and the leash is unnecessary, but on those days when you want to try something new or push things to the limit, there is no way you are going to be able to grab your board if you wipeout. A leash is handy on those occasions.

my favorite is when the morons just stand there and watch a board coming in right at 'em. they don’t move out of the way. they don’t try and grab it. they just stand there. if there’s a car coming down the street, and no one’s driving it…wouldn’t you think to take some cover?! but no…these people just stand there with an oblivious grin, and then they start yelling and cursing when they get smacked in the face. oh well.