UK Fish fry

In an ongoing celebration of the fish design, the next stop is England. Sponsored by Lokbox and Mick at classic surf supplies, the event will be held at Woolacombe beach in North Devon, England, on saturday, June 23 2007. Surfboard shapers and manufacturers expected to be in attendance include -

Rich Pavel (Greenroom surfboards)

Chris Christenson (Christenson surfboards)

Adrian Phillips (Fluid Juice surfboards)

Paul Waters (Black and white surfboards)

Jools (Gulfstream surfboards)

John Purton (JP surfboards)

Graeme Bunt (local hero surfboards)

Nigel Semmens (Ocean Magic)

Lob (Barrel surfboards)

And hopefully many more!! Come on down and check out the latest and greatest shapes from these shapers!

North Devon is about 5 hours drive west of London England. There will be food and refreshments, as well as many demo and new boards on hand to check out!

Special note* This is a private beach meaning no surfboards are allowed to be purchased or sold on the beach. We will all be meeting later up the street at the local pub and any transactions can take place then.

Both Rich Pavel and Chris Christenson will be staying around for a week or so to shape boards. Anyone interested in placing an order for a board from one of these guys can contact Mick at

Hope to see you all there!! Thanks Jim @ Lokbox

This sounds awesome. I’ll try and make it.

as a newbie to shaping im well up for coming down and checking this out, any other swayers up for this?

I will be there, just round the corner from where I live. I own a Local hero quad fish and have just picked up a new Longboard from Paul at Black and White (pic on left)…I can’t wait, Gulf Stream are running a comp for fish riders in May at Saunton Beach just down the road. for info go to membership might be required check the website.

yes yes YES! wow 3 days after i get back from climbing in spain, straight to this! this is the best start to a summer i could ever think of! should even have my fish finished by then…


ah well, its a bit of a hike from Newcastle…

f-ing right! i’m so there, with bells on!

can we bring our backyarder specails to get feedback on too?

this is gonna make my year. have been having serious cali withdrawals the last year or so. rock on!

can you tell i’m stoked? wait how old am i again? my wife is gonna wonder just what i’m looking at…

edit: anyone from the northeast interested in sharing some petrol money, i’m definately going. only drawback is I only have a Mondeo, so space is limited. will be more than happy to chip in if someone has a bigger vehicle.

Hi Rob

I’ll see you there, might even do the comp in May.

cheers Joe

If anyone is coming from a distance these sites may help:There are loads &loads of campsites around plus a few lay bys you could park up & sleep in. These should get you started:

all of these are within 15 mins drive & croyde has a better wave

admittedly it may not be this big in June but you might be lucky!

hey joe,

cool. see you there. you gonna bring a board? would love to see your bonzer - what?that doesn’t sound right…

I’ll try and be there and bring some kneeboards and of course fish.


Hi Rob sadly the bonzer went a year ago but if I can pull my finger out should be able to get a couple of new fishes done by then

see you there cheers Joe

I love Woolacombe…but in June…what are the chances of there being waves???

I’ll try to make …should be fun.

Thanks for all the replies guys! Yes there are tons of campgrounds around and the weather should be permitting…at least for camping. There are also several B&Bs in the area but you may want to check into them now as were are getting into peak tourist season. Englands a crap shoot for waves at that time, but you never know. Last time I was there in June I surfed ten foot faces at Croyde with my friend Skelly. Whompers for sure. Gone at the tide change, so we’ll just have to see. Also to mention, Jools from Gulfstream is one of the contributors to organizing this thing, and his factory is just up the street walking distance. We’ll most likely be wandering up there as well or if the weather turns bad.

Although it’s called the fish fry we are not opposed to guys bringing whatever types of boards (Bonzers,singles etc…) especially if it’s alternative whether it be shape or materialwise. Clear sand finish thrusters might look a bit outta place though lol. For anyone that shows up early and isn’t familiar with the area you can get a bit of a fix by heading just south into Braunton and taking a look in Surfed out surfshop, or Gulfstreams showroom where both have some really cool boards. Next door to Surfed out is a good breaky spot and on the other side is a small market. Cheers and hope to see you all there!!!

There’s a great bowl in braunton if it’s flat, it’s next to the car park, and the skate shops got some great longboard/slalom/oldschool stuff staying in theme.

We get a swell you might find yourself scratching over the ledge on one of these babies. Hope you Pulled that tail in a bit Lol!


jim, and all those involved in setting this up as well,

In advance, thanks for all the work setting this up. I think it’s the 1st of its kind in the UK, and am stoked to see people responding to it.

Looking forward to meet all the sways, and seeing some familiar faces.

Hey, can you guys bring me 3 rolled with guac from Taco Fiesta in OB?

Thanks again

“Hey, can you guys bring me 3 rolled with guac from Roberto’s in OB?”

Uh…sure. May have to put them into a nuclear waste bag though.

Not sure what they’ll look like after a 14 flight. My guess would be to plant them and hope for mushrooms. Lol

I want to say two things

First “big up” to Jools & Skelly from Gulfstream for helping get this together, great surfers, good friends and makers of some beautiful boards long short & otherwise without a computer in sight.

Second, if you want some good coffee to go & great breakfast or lunch i’d suggest the Bistro at the traffic lights in Braunton, they do seriously the best BLT or steak sandwich i’ve ever tasted, surfers & nice people too.

Hopefully a few of us will get over from Ireland.

See you there.

PS There were a few enquiries from Devon/Cornwall about a Greg Griffin 6’6" 5 fin I was selling. I haven’t bothered selling it yet, so I will bring it over if anyone is intereseted

I was only thinking the other day how I’d love to go to a fish fry, now one’s coming to me! I’ll be there for sure.