ultra violet catalyst (uk or europe)

Done anyone use uv catalyst in the uk or europe, if so where can I get my hands on some.To what extent can you use tints with it, is it ok with darker transparent colours.

cheers joe

I’m in France (Bordeaux) and use UV resin from Surfoam: www.surfoam.com

You should also try www.seabase.com or http://www.homeblown.co.uk/

As far as pigments are concerned, I don’t know how it works with UV resin…

I guess it’s not that goo because pigments may stop UV rays and prevent resin from curing.

If any of you have infos about that point, I’m interested in too.

Another question: pigments and tints are different if I got that right.

Where could I find tints instead of pigments ? Do someone know a retailer ?

There is a BIG difference between a pigment and a tint. So much so that it takes one to create the other.

Pigment is what you add to the resin, a tint is the result.

It works like this: add a little bit of pigment to the resin, and you get a lighter tint. the more pigment you add, the darker the tint gets. Add enough pigment and the resin will become opaque (though you usually need to add some white to truly make the resin opaque).

And yes there is no problem using UV catalysed resin for laminating a tinted lay-up. The only question is, just how dark can you go and still get a good bond. I have done some fairly meduim-to-somewhat dark tints using the UV stuff and have never had a problem.


I add a bit of regular catylist to all my UV laminations.It will insure a thorough cure and all the sticky drippings that hit the floor will dry. RB

Joe - email @ cerisurf@aol.com - I am a distributor for uv cat - will give u sample if u want to experiment with it