Ulua sticker

Hawaiian Style used to make a sticker that looks like a print of an Ulua. ( japanese style, where you paint the fish adn then press onto paper). As a matter of fact, their website www.hawaiianstyle.com shows the exact print – but their site only refers you to dealers, and none have them listed.

I want to get a few - i was given a few as gifts back in early 90s – got em on my truck, my boats, and some old boards, etc. but they’re mostly waaay gone now.

soooo…was wondering if any 808 types could steer me to an online store to git em? I’ve seen other Ulua stickers, but they are mostly drawings, and have none of the style of the Hawaiian Style ones.

Never mind … i found a place.

oh good i didn’t know any place

I was worried I might have to make something up.

all I could find were toad leathers from the road next to the house…

they dont ship well.

ome land dekurity is on the look out for toad hides…



that was close…

 Howzit 9N78W, Those Ulua stickers were everywhere here in Hawaii then just dissappeared from the shops, Always wondered what happened to them since I used to send them to friends and family. You found them, where.Aloha,Kokua

Hello, Kokua. Here’s where i found em: http://haolekid.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=Ulua Like i said - a friend of mine that worked those American-Hi cruiseships got me some. just a classic designs ( the jack… and the sticker) He too says not so easy to find.


OK— was that a poem? haha - thanks inyhow.