underwater housing for less than 10 bucks that probably wont't survive Pipeline

This is the quickest, cheapest housing you can make (thanks to greenough for talking me through it).

Materials are 1. an old inner tube (free from any tyre place)

              2. piece of perspex ( i paid 5 bucks from Ballina fibreglass supplies ...thanks Barry for cutting it out for me) 

              3. 2 or 3 hose clamps (3 or 4 bucks each from the hardware store) 

Construction is incredibly simple even for a dumb arse like me.

Choose an inner tube roughly the same diameter as your camera with a working valve.

You will need 10mm perspex so there is enough for the hose clamps to cinch onto. Cut the perspex out so it is at least the diameter of your camera lens plus microphone or anything else on the top of the camera.

Sand the perspex so it is perfectly smooth with no high spots.

Place the perspex in the inner tube at right angles to the edge and clamp it with the hose clamp ( I had to join 2 hose clamps together for the front port).

Put the camera in the inner tube (clean all the crap out of the tube first) so the camera lens is flush against the front perspex port.

Cut another inner tube into a long ribbon and taking the tail of the inner tube ie the bit after the aft end of the camera wrap it around very tightly and cinch it up then hose clamp it.

Make sure you can turn your camera on off by pressing through the inner tube where the button is.

Take your camera out blow compressed air into the valve (put cap back on valve) then immerse housing into water and check for leaks. If no leaks you are ready to shoot. If leaks around the front perspex port you may need to get back on the sandpaper and sand out high spots or place another ribbon of inner tube around the front under the hose clamp so it seals better.

here’s some photos.

Don’t know how long this thing would last at pipe. I’ve since built a fibreglass housing alot more sturdy.

If anyone has an old camera they want to stick in it (Roy ?) I’ll donate it to anyone who wants it. Steve

Well, heck, that is resourceful. But what is perspex?

Perspex= plexiglass