Union of Professional Surfboard Designers


union dues payable monthly

legal representation

to pursue

ongoing litigation

for design infringement

funded by dues

as well as direct payment from plaintiffs

annual law fees shared by membership

submissions for entry into membership

accepted bi annually

requirred attendence at

conventions and meetings

union hats and jackets optional

gross production reciepts

collected bi- monthly

dinner to set rules and fees

to be held at Turtle bay

hotel Coronado

undetermined site in queensland

surfers paradise


and perth


cocoa beach fla





new jersey





hong kong

what a dream

put an end to anarchy

solve all problems of unfair competition

regulate fees for design sale

and systems for protecting

inovations in revolutionary

curvature and contour

and eliminate the fears

of plagerism in the surfboard

building reality.

for info packet send $28.35



po,box 1147

benin city 17



union officials are your friends as well as paid employees

the process was ripped off !

the guy along the progression who chooses all of a sudden to believe he should get paid because of his,or her,grandiose contribution is so distinctly

masterfull,or misstressfull,deserves all the money ,acolades,[and acolytes] the adoring public[pubic] has to offer.

the truth is apparent to anyone who chooses to look at these cottage industrial products…,

The precipice before these designs is mass replication.

the first step is a long one.

when you write a sentence and have it published

the publisher determines what he will PAY by what you have been paid before

or perhaps wage history.

if barney google has name recognition because everybody remembers his

goo goo googlie eyes well he gets paid big.

If denton grasspile writes war and peace and has no name recognition

he dont get paid.easy? easy.

now lets talk extortion ,litigation[ransom],and self promotion

these are products of civilization and competition.


the writing is on the wall.

every time somebody says MICKEY MOUSE

the walt disney conglomerate gets paid

every time carve nalu says MICKEY MUNOZ

mickey gets gas money,at least in theory.

all the guys that have been standing next to EL Mongoose

for 1/2 century shaping their joints loose

may choose to overlook the influence they may have had on

our esteemed elder’s design parameters.

others may not, to the point of becoming embittered.


why not?Terry may be too cool to sell out

he may have shaped all the plugs anyway

his lack of standing in contest context

hasnt given him facial promo appeal to the ‘target demographic’

that will buy the " Cheap Jewelry * presented as state of the art .

the esteemed designers derive their inspiration and progressed designs from less than a vacum.

the reshape that the team rider accesses from a kid at the beach,who will never be given any recognition,turns the head of the team rider and in turn the esteemed designer.

the stacked rail of the 70’s came from bob smith the edge board guy.

everybody laughed,until Vinny won the honolua contest,and bunker rode the ship outa backdoor pipeline.

the north shore hierarchy shortly therafter

was modifing their shapes to incorperate the ''Toilet Seats"

the big mac included took the tale back to aus too.

Paul Mc kinney was the first guy to put three fins on a surfboard?

then they showed up everywhere


or the drumstick

or the breast or the end cut

off the prime rib?

''not a lot o people got food on the table

but they got a lot o’ forks and knives…

and they gotta cut sumpthin.‘’

‘woodie guthrie said that’

Independant research for no financial

consideration has a purity

that is immediately lost in

a commercial and competitive atmosphere

this is why I have been impressed and

inspired by the contributions of St.George

of Enough Green.

the surfing world has based their criterion on his examplery

twenty year old Ideas,they are bones of contention for scrabbling

puppies . spoons flex tails carbon masts.water housings

none of which has he commercialized.

this infuses an evangaline context to the quest for

unaffected results.

when I am told by a salesman that iI am being presented 'the best at the point of sale ,I am immediately suspicious that I am being sold.

my hunger for whats new is bridled in a commercial setting.

my wonder and acceptance is wide open in situations where no Commercial considerations are present.

In fighting ,competitiveness,nameing?[name calling]

can bring down the most noble intentions and experiments.

the Island that is swalocks

where every wave is ridden

by a completely different

individual built craft

is an oasis in space.



the process was shared with love

in an aboriginal oral tradition contrary to the grain of modern culture.

this is one of the last vestiges of an alternative culture that may once again come to dominate the social fabric if given a chanc to survive.

With out nuturing this too may go the way of the mohicans and the huron.

An endangerd art form surviving in the vise of time.

the gift survives and adapts because the sharing continues selflessly,

or dies beause of selfishness


given to me

given to you

Ha! A Classic Scheme 'Brose…

Got to love Ambrose.

Good job.

One other thing about unions…someone always wants to be in charge and call the shots for everyone else.

“One other thing about unions…someone always wants to be in charge and call the shots for everyone else.”

That is not exclusive to unions. Don’t need a union to fall into that trap.

Ever hear of Dwight Gordon “Grubby” Clark?

Owner of Clark Foam? And isn’t that what gave rise to this?

How did we get from 501 (c) (3) charitable foundation to union anyway? Someone spun out of control.

uh huh !

this is where some go down one road

and ad few down another

the road less travailed/

as a union plumber my dad did well.

in the longshoremans union my grandad died

my uncle did the planning for extinct american presidents line

a union gig,

the clutching at the aging curve drives some to a sensability

that security is slipping away

tall tales of royalties and

mystery free money plans

become attractive.

501 k




all hustlers selling what they tell you you need

but a wave is a wave

is a wave is a wave is a wave

is a wave is a wave is a wave

is a wave is a wave

and from the top of the stairs

when it’s starting to blow out

he aint saying good bye

he’s sayin “gonna go get my mat”

foam cores…

not surfin

surfin is surfin is surfin

pick a groove when its a rut

jump grooves

if the grooves are set in a spiral pattern the music lasts longer.

union is a logical progression from the

protect intelectual property mind trend

morey said skip it,I bought that.

they ,kransco matell whammo

got more litigation money than anybody

they could litigate the holy roman empire

or the crown of england

I AM Intelectual property

wanna buy me?

not for sale

there fore I may remain uncorrupted.


does that say many are corrupted?

…yes , many…

Funny you mention Morey.

He may have had his reasons for not patenting

the boogie board. I don’t know if he did or didn’t.

But I know he patented a removeable fin system.

And later after the Bahnes saw his, they

applied for a similar patent with the addition of allowing the fin to move foreward and back. The FU system we still use today. Gee, I wonder if they thought FU when they were

thinking of a name? Anywho getting burned once is easy to understand.

In my college days summer jobs had me in the AFL/CIO one time and Teamsters another. I may be guessing, but I think they helped secure a higher wage for us. It was a decent amount more than minimum. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a big union fan. I was really mad at the baseball jerks for striking when I had Sherwin Williams box seat tickets for Yankee Stadium which I earned by working hard and growing my business and working hard and did I say working hard? And I got burned by the MLB Players Union. That turned me off to MLB. Ten years and I still hardly care. I’d rather surf than drive to the Bronx anyday.

And foundations have their problems too. The ECSHOF

had their induction ceremony at Surf Expo as usual.

At the end one guy got up and declared that 7 top pros would be inducted next year. He had no authority to say that. So now what? More drama.

But taxes are taxes and writeoffs are writeoffs. Whatever. If no one wants it no one wants it. But so far the only negatives are from you and Meecrafty. Did either of you have Clark mold?

How about instead of Union:

United Professional Surfboard Designers and Shapers?

I am getting ready to make a mold of my foot

no kidding

to make a better fin sock for my udts

and maybe later a cusomized set of fins that fit better than play school doll feet pockets.or actually they are made to accomodate marching boots

Morey got hired by each of the plagerizers

to figure head the boogie board,dont say boogie board somebody retains ownership,…said even with the patent they coulda kept him in court for ever

according to hoyle,schweitzer,he was the MAN to hang the windsurfing crowd out to dry by the universal joint

but by the time litigation was over he just had a couple years left on his claims to royal status [royalties]

unions are a noble and just cause

the maintainnce of same is traditionally corrupt


good on ya spinner

Not a bad idea.

I got a pair of Neofins from Dick Graham for my brother when they first came out and even as hot a design as they were the sand still got in and ground his feet to pulp. Now if you can just solve that issue…at least you won’t have sand in your fin boots.

Someone on the first of the Barnfield threads mentioned that the reason the FCS patent failed was because they forgot to patent the tabs on the fins. I let it slide on that string. I guess I shouldn’t have because I wondered about that way back when too. So I checked. I forgot about that till a few moments ago. I guess that’s why I let it slide. Suffering from CRS…Cant Remember Shit. The tabs are in the the patent. And the US Supreme Court denied the patent anyway. Can’t they read for themselves? And don’t they have clerks to read for them? Apparently didn’t matter. It was decided on the terms that the defense attorneys defined the case in. Replacement auto parts. Still gives me a headache. If anyone doubts me they can do a IN (inventors name) search for Whitty and read the patent. He has two. Really turned me off to patents.

Confidentiality Agreements only protect bad ideas.

There are no easy ways.

who works in the patent offices?

Guys like Albert Einstein and we know

his history of preoccupation.

cant remember ship?

I can remember a few.

The Bon Ami Richard,

The Constitution,

The mayflower,

The Golden Hind

,The Flying Cloud

the Ranger,

The Ranger,

The Constelation.

The Princton.

The New Orleans,

the mind of an aging organism has triggers

to some ,lilke myself

the appropriate trigger word

can open doors to un accessed information


we know sow much ,

we remember so much

we understand more and more

I am getting ready to make a mold of my foot

no kidding


Be careful Ambrose…

My friend Randy has a patent on that! Ha!



Don’t worry about what Bill says. No offense Bill.

Just follow a few simple rules.

One can make an exact copy of a currently patented device or any currently patented thing for oneself and only for oneself. For personal use or for research. One may not sell this thing or device or utilize it for any commercial purposes whatsoever until the patent expires. However, if in the course of the design, construction, building, assembly or use of this patented device one finds ways to improve it, one may do so and that becomes a new thing of and in itself subject to the rules for patenting a new thing. This is how drug compaines are ready to roll as soon as another drug company’s patent expires. This is how it’s done.

And just because one has a patent does not mean it will win in court. Patents do not come with a guarantee. The government will not help. Not all patents are defensible. Some are clearly acquired just to scare off competition. Some are not fully researched by the examiner. Some miss crucial elements that give the patent teeth. And many other things can go wrong. And last but not least the law is on the side of experimentation.

However, before you do anything that I have mentioned you should consult an attorney licensed to practice in this field of law. I have to say I am not an attorney and this does not constitute legal advice. Every individual is responsible for knowing their rights. Familarize yourself with as much as you can. uspto.gov has free information available.

this orthotic doesnt include the instep\or the threesixty cubed

foot,important in aqua apps

22 years in the australian federated union of locomotive enginemen.

surfboards can not b patent because the changes although minute are enough to be different.

surboard industy cannot??? go to an award because of pay per item eg glasser paid by board , sander the same.

I am pro union , but feel the industry cannot support it.

on this If anyone who works for me at anytime asks if they should be in a union i would say yes.