Unique vintage board

Hello! I have no clue what this is. I am trying to find out more information on what this could be and who may have made it. It is about 7 feet. Wood frame covered in a canvas like material and then has a treatment applied over it. It had wood strips that go along the length underneath. I have never posted on this site before so forgive me if I do this all wrong.

That is unique.

Looks like someone built their approximation of a surfboard with common old school stripbuilt wood/canvas construction like that on canoes and small skiffs. 

Where are you and where did you find it?

Cool find regardless. 

If I had to guess I’m thinking its an early board made to be towed behind a boat.

I thought that too but every device I’ve ever seen that was meant for use behind a boat had some sort of rope attachment as well.


At first glance I too thought it might be a Surf-O-Plane.  And I agree, those usually had a ‘bridle’ and handle.

In any case, it is a unique item.  Do not let anybody try to ‘restore’ it.  It could be one of those things like you see on Antiques Roadshow where you mess with the value by destroying the ‘lovely patina’ or something.

I’m an old guy and have seen lots of different boards but I can’t say I’ve seen one of those… 

You might try contacting Randy Rarick or maybe Allen Seymour.  Look 'em up on Google.  Both of them are involved in surf memorabilia auctions. They might be able to give you a better idea on it’s value.  It might be worthless piece of crap (unlikely) or it may hold a lot of value to someone.  I saw a weird looking ‘bellyboard’ on eBay once that received a lot of bids and went for a pretty penny…


The skids on the bottom are what make me think board wasn’t used as a surf vehicle.

^^ My thoughts as well. I wonder if it was used for surf lifesaving?

of a sled or a tobbogan for sliding down hills, possibly?  Who knows?  Was it found with any other items?  Certainly never saw a surfboard like that or even pictures of one.

Let’s give Monica some points so she can reply:

I’d like to know where she got this oddity.