Unofficial Asymmetrical Board Design Forum

I’m confused, I heard asymmetrical board were like nose riders, “one trick ponnies,” that only went one way…

its ok, i heard hpsb are only for pros in good waves…



Here’s my first Aysm. I've set the fin boxes out so it can be ridden as a symmetrical thruster or quad on the heel and performance twin (M.R TFX)/keel on the toe-side.  

Will,  that’s a really nice, clean looking shape and the fin box madness is fantastic- the Chipper will love that action!

Dave, if you find photos of those early boards please post 'em, I’d love to see that stuff.

As always, it’s fantastic to know people are out there doing this stuff.

Thanks for the kind words consafos. All being well I’ll get it in the water this coming weekend and I’ll come back with a ride report.

I’m not sure if its just my screen but the second image is showing up squashed. Here’s a link to the scaled design…–S9R0DKUixE/Tftbv-LJNcI/AAAAAAAAAf0/3YHuvR6GquY/s1600/Asym_Artwork_Avocado.png

Summer swells and
heavy workload mean I’ve only just got around to getting it into some decent
surf, so here’s the belated ride report for you.


After my first wave any thoughts of the board feeling uneven were washed away. Instead, it feels more like it flows between two different boards, fast and loose on the toe and more solid on the heel. I’ve yet to try it a symmetrical thruster, as the M.R TFX’s and SF4’s setup is working great at the moment. It feels like the fin area is spot on.


On the whole I’m pretty psyched on this one! I’m now starting to think about how I can work some of these design principles into my next Mini Simmons.



Nice work Willbaylis.  My next shap will be an A_sym Mini Sim too.  I want to keep it simple though, in keeping with the simple design of the MS.

It will be hard to go back to a symmetrical board for me.

Just finished this: 5’6 x 19 1/2 x 2 3/8. Round tail on heel side/squash on toe. It’s going to be a quad with symmetrical fin boxes (one variable at a time). I’m looking for more hold and smoothness in frontside roundhouses, but some squirt on my backside top turns.

Ghostshaper, I made myself almost the exact same board, but a few inches bigger. I kept my fins symmetrical as well as I just wanted to mess with one variable at a time. The board works great, I love it!

These boards are from the Windigo booth at the last Sacred Craft Show at Del Mar. My Ayso. “Einstien” Model. Both boards are 5’10" toe side. 5"8" heel side x 20" x 21/2".Heel side is a Tri-Fin with more tail rocker… Toe side is a Quad-Fin with a flatter fish style rocker. . Barry

Windigo Surfboard. This my newest ayso. Built for myself. 5’10" Toe
side. 5’8" Heel side. Also one of my newest shapes the “Hitchcock”
model. 22" x2 5/8".Did one of my “Faux” tint paint jobs over a play one
the old Converse logo’s airbrush… Heel side has more tail rocker and
Tri-Fin set-up. Toe side has a twin fin set-up.Thin tail. Single to
double concave to a pretty hefty panel “vee” to put this thing on rail. 
Will be surfing it soon! Barry

Here it is glassed. Hydroflex supercharged. Haven’t messed with different pressures, yet. Trying to figure out which fins I like best. Only ridden it twice so far. Mine’s on bottom. Grendel’s on top.  

They’re realy nice…

I’ve seen them already on the erBB…

But I’m glad you showed them here…

This place needs more  pic. porn than talk…

Tell me about the re-inforced center strips of glass… Are they Volan??

No, not volan, just another 6 oz glass strip. HF just did it. They said that started it b/c boards were buckling. I’d rather have it on the rails, to be honest. 

3 sessions in and I think it’s a keeper. Super fast. The wide squash corner is loose off the top backside. Frontside, it has more hold in cutbacks, but still feels loose. Exactly what I was hoping for.

Halcyon’s Mad Hacker quad fin set is perfect.  

Next variable: pressure/flex (been riding it at mid pressure)


Most likely it is volan. Tape fiberglass is usually volan. It is too perfect of a  strip to be cut off a wide silane glass roll. I think it looks great.

FGH fiberglass tape selection up to 12" wide is all volan.


I’ll defer to your knowledge/experience and stand corrected.





Any thoughts on how this would ride?


I would love to give it a go!  I realize it was probably designed for a regularfoot, and I'm goofyfoot, but I hardly ever go frontside.  Always backside, right point surfing.  On those rare occasions when I do go frontside, I tend to go straight down the face, and hit a bottom turn, often from too far back.  Backside, I can hit a turn as soon as I popup on takeoff and I'm off!  Frontside, I just don't seem to have it wired.  That board looks like it would turn easier frontside for me, shorter rail, wider tail on the forehand.

This one belongs to /  was made by Ross ['P-Co'] , it has now had the plugs and finbox [yay !] sanded .  Yes,  it IS a 'butterscotch' tint , for those who thought it looked 'familiar ' ?!



...hopefully , with warm easterlies [offshore here] forecast later ,  this weekend might be the launching opportunity's HOPING !


 cheers !



I had a few lengthy discussions with Wayne before and after the tribute to Carl Ekstrom show.  He said that the fin placement was the most critical yet underlooked aspect of asymmetrical design and theory. 

You guys seem to be nailing it here.  Different cant, toe does work but sure takes time for the eye to get used to!

We are all very fortunate to have the ease that fin systems provide when it comes to experimentation.  Imagine all the grinding and lay-up work involved when glass ons ruled.  Shoots, maybe some of you have never even glassed fins on.  Another lost art?

Keep up the great work.  Aloha