unusual board sighting

i was looking through the kfishsurf.com site which takes shots of the local beaches here in newquay cornwall and if you look at april 14th pic 30 the board looks strange ,hopefully i will bump into him sometime and get the lowdown,

son no 2 came back from aus at last and the next day a decent swell hit ,just in time for him to try a couple of these balsa sandwhiches out,there is a pic of him april 26th pic 2 ,one board is under volumed and the other slightly over so i will have to make another, pete

it’s a peanut-shaped board, like the one Benny1 made ! except it is polyurethane and polyester [I’m guessing , anyway …it “may” be eps and epoxy , though , who knows ?]

and the shot of your son sliding the fins out the back of the wave …you must be stoked with that !

did you pay the photographer for a few hours to get that shot ?



I see they have ‘protected’ the shots , so I can’t post them here …clever stuff !

hi chip,i could,nt think of the reasoning of building a board like that other than for flex so i will be looking out for him for some info,

the photographer of kfish just takes pics of surfers and you can buy prints off him if you want to , i just look on the site to see what the surf has been like if i can/t get in, the water here is 10 deg c at the moment, pete

4/14 pic 30 must be some kind of freak. Who would build a board like that?


lol with Benny hehe . . .

Firstly Peteuk if you don,t surf 10 deg water in the UK you miss out on a lot of good surf, get yourself a good wetsuit and a hat and you’ll be styling. Secondly I know the guy who has developed this board, (Though I’ve not run unto him for a while), his name is Grant. Rumour has that he has or is in the process of patenting this design and has sold the rights for £40,000. Looks very like a snowboard influenced design to me and I know Grant has done a lot of snowboarding. I’ve no idea how well it works but someone must think there is a future in it to punt 40 grand on the idea.

ten degrees is nice and warm compared to what it was like a month ago.



That shape has been around since the mid 1960’s. The shape was inspired by the “coke bottle” fusilage of the F-102 delta wing aircraft. I can’t remember who made it. I think they were up around the Huntington Beach area, here in California. Here’s a question for you; “If you can patent a design that’s been around for forty years, why can’t you “rediscover” the wheel, and then patent it?” Kinda silly, huh. Even more silly would be whoever paid money to purchase it.

It’s the mr. peanut board on speed!

*used without permission from http://kfishsurf.com/

Hi sparksbrand,i think you misunderstood when i said if i can/t get in , i meant through work commitments or other,i surf all year round ,snugg mini zip and hood as you say keeps the cold at bay, 10 degs does/nt feel too bad at the moment,its normally the air temp that makes the difference, i would like to see how the peanut board surfs as you say someone must have faith in it , pete

Looks like one of those fuzzy video sightings of Bigfoot you see on the tube.

Tom “Y” Morey going incognito as “Mini-Swizzle Bigfoot”?

Is Bigfoot really attracted to giant peanuts?

Surfboard - key word “surf”.

Snowboard - key word “snow”.

To each his own.


But…Does it WORK???

Depends on the definition of ‘‘works.’’ Almost anything works. The degree of excellence is what makes the difference. I suspect that the design in question does not offer any advantage to the rider. Only a new challenge. How to ride it!