Update on moulded fin bases...

Okay , following on from http://www.swaylocks.com/forum/gforum.cgi?post=205807;search_string=moulding%20fin%20bases;#205807

so far , I’ve done 'em all in polyester resin.

The yellow bonzer runners cracked [probably just as well…the holes, as you can see , were not lined up , anyway !].

The blue single fin [on the right in this photo] …its tab splintered, while waxing the board on the beach.

One wood fin’s base cracked when it was accidentally dropped on hicksy’s floor. [The fin on the left in this shot]…

The wood back fin [6 1/2" depth] held up today , in my stubbie, I’m pleased to announce ! [that’s the fin on the right , in the above shot]

Then , a week or so ago…

Grant [‘Hicksy’] moulded the base for my wood bonzer runners , and also used cloth glassed around and under the runners. …he used epoxy and milled fibreglass. It will be interesting to see the strength of them . They match the wood back fin …could look good on the bonzer bottom 6’5". [ I hope they work well …I’m SOOO hanging out to ride it as a “bonzer” , after all these months !!!]

We are also hoping to make a few more fin base moulds , as waiting a week [winter here tomorrow] between fins curing , before being able to re-use the mould, is a bit tedious at present.


I’d also be very interested to hear from anyone else here who has given this fin base moulding bisso a go , since George posted those very helpful threads on the subject …

cheers !


Glad yours worked out Chip! My urethane laquer stuff ones didn’t. (got lazy and didn’'t bother getting resin or hardener) its ok though, the fin was too small anyway.

Have Fun,


well Josh …

I guess one out of four [for me] , means the “cup is still a quarter full” , eh ? [instead of 3/4 empty!] … attaboy !