US Blanks red vs blue

Ive decided to go epoxy and use us blanks. I was wondering if anyone knows the diffrence between red and blue blanks besides the weight? Ex. is the red less durable due to the weight?

thanks for any help


thanks for your help, I think Ill go with red and the 4x44

US Blanks Red forumla is the lightest and least dense (snipped from the catalog):

The density of a blank will be identified by the color of the paint on the nose.
Densities are listed from lightest to heaviest:

RED, approximately 6% - 7% lighter than BLUE.
BLUE is considered our stock density and is the basis for comparison.
GREEN, approximately 9% - 10% heavier than BLUE

My mistake, i thought you meant surfblanks red and blue. Sorry for the mix up, thanks bud for pointing that out.