Use Your Noodle!!

To provide cushion for Yakima Roof Racks. $1.59 swimming pool noodle things. Cut to fit with hack saw or utility knife(they are about 5 foot long). Use plenty of liquid dishsoap to lubricate your noodle over the end of the  3/4 inch pipe(7/8 outside diameter+-) Very tight fit....had to put one end of pipe on ground and use both hands to force noodle over pipe. You might want to file the pipe end a bit to facilitate noodle slide(I did not, but would of had I had one) Once in place there is no noise or movement.... even at 80 on the H1 with a 35 lb. 10-4 

I have seen the pads they sell and various pipe insulations that people have tried. I think this is a superior simple cheap method and the Yellow noodle makes the old wreck look better.

I think it is obvious, but anyway…you have to take the rack apart to do this…I am not talking cutting the noodle long ways!!

BTW…got my noodle at k Mart.


I noticed big box of those things at Laminations HI, used for packing new boards for shipment. Cut 'em lenghtwise for rail padding

Noodles rule. I used to buy pipe insulation for this very purpose. It is less durable, and 3 or four times more expensive. Oh, and gray is not nearly as festive as orange or yellow or blue…Works for Thule racks too. I just slit it with a razor blade to make it easier to get on and off. Got that idea from the pipe insulation I guess.


Aloha Proneman - I’ve been through a lot ot pipe insulation and it wasn’t untill a Solar guy fixed my solar hot water system that I learned that you can paint the foam w/ latex paint to keep it from degrading in the sun.

And…you can cut the leftovers to fit a sheet of sandpaper, spray the back of the paper with 3M adhesive and use it to make those nifty little concaves on the tail.


We use it over plastic coat hangers to hang our wetsuits and rash guards. In addition to allowing better air circulation, it puts less stress on the shoulders and helps them last longer.

And, you can use it to have sword fights with the kids. Mike


My local K-mart also stocks what’s called “Flat Noodles” or “Noodle Boards” They’re about 5’ long x 6 1/2" w.x 3/4’ + thick.

I use them for pads on shaping racks.

They have a bit of slippery sheen when new, but roughed up with some 80 grit they work amazingly well on the racks. Note: if screwing on to anything, use small fender washers or finish washers. Also have some screwed to 2 1 x 6’s screwed together in an “L” in the bed of my truck to protect the tails of my boards when they’re in there.

Use Your Noodle - Indeed!!