Used longboard search in Los Angeles


new user here looking for some advice. I am coming over for a short surf trip at the end of January and looking to buy a good used Cali shaped longboard whilst I am over. My current boards are pretty hammered and I want to aviod the hassle of flying with a board both ways.

Can anyone tell me which shops have a decent selection of used longboards please. Will be staying in Huntington, but prepared to travel. I have been searching online, but get the feeling most shops dont have time to update thier used stock online and most good boards dont stay around long enough to be advertised on shops websites.

Or if any Swaylocks members are looking to shift a board please drop me a line. 






Used longboard in So Cal… traffic jam at 5pm… Bring cash!

So many boards so little time. You’re flying into longboard Mecca…

Try Harbour Surf Shop just up the road in Seal Beach,

Craigs list would be your best bet.

Thanks for the advice guys will scour craigs list from here and check out Harbour next week if I dont find anything online 1st.  Looks like I am going to miss the long run of decent swell though. Wish I was coming a week earlier!

Out of curiosity;  let us know how your search goes.  Twists and turns.  What you wind up with etc. ???

Hi McDing

Yes I will keep you posted. The trip has been delayed and rebooked for next month due to my friend putting his back out whilst snowboarding.  Still, it gives me more time to find a good board!


Just back from my trip. Ended up with a nice Eric Christenson Super Sled. The swell was puming thewhole trip, so did not spend much time shopping around!



…man; looks new from here. What s the glassing shop? Do you know?

Where did you purchased it?



Hi Reverb

Aloha glassing. Got in HB from a guy who put it on Craigslist. It is quite heavy and feels solid. Not sure what it has been glassed with.

Looking forward to trying it out!