Using Epoxy to Repair Polyester - Morally Acceptable?

I used to make my boards out of polyester resin but since discovering epoxy I have never turned back. For a while I have been repairing my own and friends polyester boards with epoxy as I prefer working with it, it doesnt smell, I get a good result, it bonds well and I dont keep PE in stock anymore as it doesnt store well. But now I seem to be getting more dings to repair and am wondering if there are justifiable reasons (not structurally but morally, ethically and commercially) not to repair a PE board with epoxy. I appreciate the repair principle of replacing damaged materials with the same.

Would you be happy to have your beloved board repaired with a different material even if the structural and aesthetic result was good?

I believe in the boating world its quite acceptable to repair PE with epoxy but surfers are a different kettle of emotional fish. I’ve had no complaints to date but its surely only a matter of time before Mr. Discerning arrives on my doorstep with his damaged stick.

A few few weeks ago I started repairing a mates board with some PE he gave me - thought I’d give PE one more chance. The smell brought back memories from childhood, stung my eyes and the lingering fragrance on my person and workshop stank out the house and car to the disgust of my family, the same family that allowed me to laminate 2 epoxy boards in the living room.


You raise an interesting point.  I am prety sure the Pope has not taken a position on this.  For my part I would worry most about the effect on the offspring, and the stress of the holidays from such fundamentally different paths. If you believe there is a commted union in place, then perhaps it will overcome any moral concerns.

I only use epoxy b/c my shop is under my house.  It's one drawback is the cure time if the customer wants the board back quickly.  I've built a hotbox to help, but still you can't beat the speed and ease of a sun-cured PE ding repair.  I'm thinking of getting a gallon or two of it just for dings and faster turnaround.  I already take forever to finish other people's boards, yet I seem to be able to push my own out in a couple of days?


I have been using Kwik Kick Resin Research Epoxy for repairs with some heat to speed it up but there is still that waiting time before you can sand it properly. PE does have the advantage.

If you truly suffer from guilt after using polyester to repair dings, I would recommend 20 self administered lashes with a Cat-O-Nine device.  If guilt remains, administer another 20 and don't be shy about it.




 If you microwave your epoxy resin for the rapair and then add your quick hardener and thickener of choice(if necessary) you can do same day ding repairs with epoxy. Don’t forget the additive F with the last coat of epoxy. I did some major testing with suncure non PE resins( epoxy, and two others) and even though it had some wonderful advantages, in my shop environment I was way quicker and consistent with the microwave technique.  15cc or 1/2 ounce andd up to 3 oz of resin I will microwave for 6 seconds. If it ever seems too hot just let it cool off a few minutes. Dixie cups have a wax coating that can melt off also. So use an appropriate container when heating it up. Heat only the resin, not the hardener or additive F.

Thank you johnmellor. I have followed your advice and no longer feel guilty about using epoxy. However I feel guilty that even after more than 80 lashes I still want more. What have you got me into and is there any other kind of resin that can deliver me from this guilty pleasure?

Thanks bb30. This is encouraging practical advice (without lashings of PE)

Kwik Kick + heat + X-55 = fast ding repairs on any type of board


i just use five mintue epoxy for my personal boards.