Using gloss resin as hotcoat?

I would never even consider this normally but I am running low on lam resin and surface agent, live far from the coast, and time is a factor (I’m moving out of my space). Has anyone ever tried using gloss resin in place of a standard hotcoat? I’m thinking it may be possible, but not sure. Like I said, time is a factor…I would genuinely appreciate any feedback you have. Thanks- ryan

you should put more cabosil (aerosil) and mix very well.and that´s it

Hey Reverb, why add cabosil? To thicken is some? Have you ever tried it? Thanks- ryan

It should work OK. It might be a tad thinner because of the extra styrene they put in to help it level out. I suppose you could pour some in a bucket and let some of the styrene evaporate before using if it seems too thin.

Just add some laminating resin to thicken it up, you should be fine. I wouldn’t add Cabosil, the mixture may not spread out correctly and you will be left with a sanding nightmare.

It will be fine.Silmar Gloss is pretty clear and thin but it sands out just fine.Reichold has a Redish Purple color and seems a bit more hard but it will be fine also.I have done it both ways in a pinch.Baste your bottom laps first with the resin and sand them back before doing the hotcoat,it will save you time in the end. R.B

lam resin + cabosil or aerosil + wax in styrene solution = hot coat resin

also, the resin must be new. storage resin for a long time and you´ll obtain a bad an pain in the ass job. resin mechanicals problems in adition…

Hey, thanks for the help. I had a feeling it would be ok. I figure that for a shortboard that you want to keep light it may work well even. Maybe. Just take it easy on the sanding. Obviously, a thin regular hotcoat is optimal. Good tip on the basting and lap sand Cleanlines, considering the thinner gloss resin. Thanks again- ryan

That’s what Ambrose does. Aloha, Kokua

Adding a little pump of gloss in your hotcoats for sanded finish boards makes 'em sand out killer and prettier, but most people wouldn’t notice. I’ve hotcoated many times by pumping some lam into my leftover glossing bucket(there’s always a little left)&adding a squirt of wax & catalyst. The reddish Reichold can be a little dark though, at least when clear boards are involved.