using up scrap glass under skins?

I have a few odd bits of ~1m by 600m glass (2oz and 3.7oz) can I use these with a 100mm lap under compsand skins.

seems a good way to clean the shed of scaps.


we do it all the time

sometimes the wet out can get tricky preventing all the small pieces from moving around so roller work best versus a squeegee or brush unless you dab.

Purists won’t like it lack on integrity etc etc but other than making fin cores or putting on fins or doing repairs it’s a good way of not wasting the stuff.

Thanks Oneula

went ahead and used it on my first attempt at a compasand, also included 100mm wide 6oz tape placed on a diagonal pattern alla sab’s tophat but without the timber thickness to help with my fat knees duck diving. So I will see how it holds up

boards due out of the bag in the morning… ah the smell of hot oil from the fridge compressor is so so sweet


Papier mache technique

for non structural concerns

where controled flex

and such other higher

minded concerns dont come into play.

I have worried and saved and stored

scraps,nothing delighted me more

than giving a couple strips of selvege

to a guy fixing a buckle.

today the scraps went to a cause worth

saving the scaps for.


Do you ever notice any difference in adhesion (ie delamination) wher you’ve put the glass as opposed to where the wood is epoxied directly onto the blank?

bottomline is you’re creating more seams and overlaps under the balsa which can lead to problems if you are looking for “perfection” If you’re just build a board for yourself then why not think of the land fill a little more…

But yeah there are problems that might surface latter

epoxy on foam could be heavier depending on how you seal. the under glass creates the “true” sandwich of the wood…Don’t know the benefit of the bind to the foam I see it more as protecting the wood’s properties.