Using Yucca blank rather than balsa.

I’ve herd of people using those Yucca plants for use as a blank rather than Balsa. the woods i hear are comprable, and the yucca i can get for free. this weekend, im planing on going out to the desert and getting myself a few 10 foot stalks to see if i can mill them with my table saw. if anyone has used or herd of this method, please let me know.


Austin Williams

Gary Linden?

“Gary Linden?” was that a question???

some one told me it was actually agave i am looking for, not Yucca, similar plants though.


I think Gary Linden has used agave wood to make boards. Yucca is in the agave “family” of plants. Be careful going out to the desert and cutting the flower stalks. Most of them die after they flower. Probably against the law. Tons of the stuff growing in peoples yards in California, though. The agaves were a food staple for many Native Americans.The stalks can be used to make didgeradoos. The blue agave is used to make tequilla. The other agaves are used to make mescal. One of my favorite plants for sure. The juice can burn your skin when you cut the blades and the spines can poke your eye out. Have fun. mike

thanks for the advice, my friend has a few of these in his back yard and he wants to get rid of them, so no prolblem there. hopfully i can come across some previously dried stalks somehow and then i woun have to wait a year for them to dry.