UV catalyst amounts

Hey guys, I ordered some UV catalayst from Foam EZ. They just gave me a big pouch of green powder, no measuring stuff or instructions or anything.

I was just wondering, how much UV cat would I be using per quart of laminating resin? Or how much per gallon?

I just need to know so I know how much to use.

About 1 tablespoon per gallon.

Be sure to give time for the powder to dissolve (approx. 15 min).

Howzit JLW, A while back Fiberglass Hi. sent me regular Lam resin instead of UV. I called them and told them to send me the UV catalyst premeasured for 5 gals since I had ordered 2 - 5 gals buckets. When it arrived I weighed the amounts and it was 2.2 oz for 5 gals. Just noticed your UV cat powder is green, mine was white so might be different brand which could mean different amounts. Aloha,Kokua