UV catalyst

HI Guys just a note to let everyone know that Southcoast foam now has a Australia made UV catalyst.Aus$40.00 It will make 22 Litres of Resin. I hope everyone is have fun surfing and enjoying life to the max every day Things here are a full speed ahead in every area of the factory, Must be doing something right. cheers Peter (Rabbit) http://www.southcoastfoam.com.au

Gosh Rabbit, you should let me know this stuff cos my friend Nelson from Surf360degree just made his foam order last week, it can save the delivery cost. Regards, Crabie

Crabie 360degre order has gone he should have it any day. We have only had the UV catalyst for a week its selling so fast, Wait till summer hits. Let me know what you think of the foam and how well it surfs, reports that i have had its got good flex and corkey in the water. Glass team boards with a single 4 oz on the deck with a tail pad and a 4oz on the bottom the foam is that hard you should be ok for depression. check you later peter http://www.southcoastfoam.com.au

Send the comments to you later. Regards, Crabie