UV cure and paint

I had a board glassed they used UV curing resin. I spayed the foam with the same acrylic paint I always use. but this time some of the paint (mostly the orange color) went crazy and bled and smeared all over the place… my board looks like someone pee’d on it…What went wrong? please help cuase I am about to paint another board.

Its a good safe bet to spray a coat of clear acrylic over foam sprays before glassing.Do it before you pull the tape and let it dry out overnight or longer. R. Brucker

What are the thoughts about using a clear acrylic as a base before spraying color. This was a trick I learned painting cars. It seals the tape and prevents bleeding under the edge. It gives a razor sharp line when the tape is pulled up. I have been afraid to try it on a surfboard,I thought it might seal the foam and create glassing issues.

What brand of paint are you using http://www.surfboardglassing.com

i painted and glassed an orange board not long ago, the only orange board ive ever done, and it did some strange things as well. I use Basics acrylic paint and i have never had a problem like that before mostly blues, greens, yellows and some reds. I thought perhaps i used to much paint, but maybe its something in the color. Anyhow it was a tiger stripe board and somehow the effect looked actually pretty cool.

I make my own orange from yellow and red paint…the paint that I used was a all purpose acrylic paint// Apple Barrel Colors brand By Plaid. I have used this paint before and never had a problem. I did a all orange with gray rails board two months ago that didn’t smear or bleed. this was the first time using this glasser. What kind of Clear Acrylic for a air gun is the best to do the whole board with after painting. .what paints are you all using?

Try mixing the paint with an acrylic base like Future Floor Finish (I use Smart and Final acrylic floor finish because its allot cheaper)before you spray to make sure the paint is “locked up” and doesn’t have residue which will run in the lam.

Thanks everyone the info.

If you can use NOVA COLOR its the best paint out there hands down, the craft paints work but are built really to adhere to woor and such Nova ive never had any bleeding issues etc whatsoever. its the best paint http://www.surfboardglassing.com