UV Glassing with Tim Stamps and RadRob!

Recently we all got together to finish RadRob’s Quantum Quad that was shaped in the EZ Shaping Box by Tim Stamps . This time Tim invited us down to the Stamps Factory to do the glassing. Tim did the Future Fins installation, glassjob, and sanding while Brad from Foam E-Z did the Hot Coating. We wanted to crank the board out quick so we decided to use UV Resin
to get this thing done. The UV Resin worked amazing and we got the
board ready to sand within 2-1/2 hours!!! It was so cool, after each
step of resin work we’d just walk outside and let it kick for 10-15
minutes and we were ready for the next step. The board came out amazing
and light since the resin kicks so fast there isn’t much time for the
resin to soak in. Here’s our YouTube version of the glassing and sanding experience from that afternoon.


was stoked to get his new board and has been getting RAD on it ever
since! Thanks again to Tim, RadRob and Kiri from Perry’s Pizza in
Huntington Beach.


So what? Really no masks laminating with UV Resin?

That music makes me very happy. Like in a watching-Beyonce-in-Austin Powers kind of a way.

The board looks good too.

Here is the actual video so you don’t have to click a link and open a new window. I tried to do this the first time but obviously had no luck.


This should help.

Would like to have seen how the glass was lapped at the nose and tail tips and butt crack.

No respirator for the laminator is a serious no-no. UV cure DOES require a respirator.

Respirator shown in use by the sander is NOT doing him any good unless he’s clean shaven - which it didn’t look like he was. Ask Mr. Clark if employee health has been any problem, or if it’s even worth thinking about. “In the old days” the ex-employees just wandered off and croaked too soon to file suit, no worries, eh?

Can a customer really just sail into the room and grab his board? I hung with a pal sanding at T&C once and was moderately politely advised to remove myself. I expect this is standard practice in any industrial operation.

Thought that this infomercial didn’t belong in “General Discussion”. There are better shaping/glassing vids out there.

Hi Rick,

You definitely should be wearing an organic respirator at all times during any resin work, including epoxy. Yeah Tim and RadRob weren’t wearing masks. Not because of the UV Resin but because they were too lazy, Tim’s factory has a great ventilation system, and so they could talk freely. I wore one during the hotcoat process and so did Tim when he was sanding. The UV definitely does put off less fumes since there is no MEKP in the resin. I’m sure someone here is a rocket scientist and could chime in with more accurate info on why the odor is less.

Good luck,



good that you re stoked with the process, etc

but have in mind that this video show (partially) only production glassing not custom work

glassing stage in a custom order is much more time consuming than a clear, sanded, no glass ons, no reinforced tail-nose, no gloss polish, no speedfinish, etc board

for your know, and others, in a serious High end market (included shaping) there s a final stage that is a control quality, that resend the board back the line if it have some blemish.

why do you think some boards are expensive?

I know that radical kids dont mind about quality, fancy, etc only look for performance

and that is fine too

I have % of these customers, unfortunately, the machine capture all over the world (due to the versatility) most of them.

-the leash plug is in wrong place.

-like Honolulu say, this video seems more commercial than edu or for the general disc. .

may be edit other with more in detail takes, etc and post again.

hope you dont misunderstand these words