UV Powder in Glosscoat

Ive read a lot about not using UV powder in glosscoats because of issues with the wax rising before it sets. What happens if you leave the resin on the board for the resin to level out for 5 or so minutes then cook it in the sun?
Because that’s what I did…
UV powder mixed with a pre-mixed gloss resin. What are my options now?

Did the wax rise and resin cure or is it just some kind of a sticky mess?

I’ve bought Reichold gloss with UV and it works fine for me.

Its smooth and feels ready to sand.

I use it the same way I do a uv cure hot coat. Apply the resin. let the wax rise 5 minutes or so, flash it in the sun for 15 seconds or so, back into the dark for 15 seconds or so, then back into the sun until cured. Pull the tape on the last sun bath. Mike

Oh, I always mix in catalyst to make sure it doesn’t become a gooey nightmare. Just in case.

See where I messed up is I placed it directly in the sun unlike rooster, and others, who flashed it then took it out of the sun. So as long as its not a sticky mess everything should be fine? I am noticing a couple small tacky spots on the nose and tail though. Wipe with MEKP?

I was told wax paper, to cut off the air to the resin, to allow it to cure less sticky. That is what the wax normally does in sanding and gloss resin.