UV Resin and Temperature

What are the temperature limits for UV resin to dry? Can I still get a solid cure on 50 deg weather as long as there is lots of sun?

Ya all you have to have is sun.

50 degree is fine. temperature is a factor somewhat, but the most important thing is intensity of sun. I have cured a board quicker on a 45 degree fall day with bright intense sun than a cloudy day in the summer at 85 degrees.

Keep board and resin in heated environment right up until you glass. Cold makes the resin not flow alll that well.

As fa ras coldest temps…simply do tests. Personally the coldest i hve done it is maybe low 40’s. But I would imagine that you could cure at 0 degrees as long as you had sufficient sun.


Yeah you need to watch the sun. I’ve got some glass on fins that I did a few days ago in the late afternoon, the UV lam resin never got all that set before the sun went down. I just put it back In the rack and I’ll walk it out when I get back to the shop. Usually on a nice sunny day 12 noon the stuff will kick in a matter of minutes, even if it’s a cloudy 12 noon day. I’ve never used it in less than 60 degrees. If it’s colder than 60 here it means that it’s raining or it’s dark out, and both of these senerios are bad for any kind of resin.