UV Resin Near Virginia Beach

I have never worked with UV resin but would love to have some for those quick ding repairs. Anyone know where I can get some UV resin near Virginia Beach?

Order the UV cure powder on the net. Get a clean (new) 1 gal. paint can w/ pour spout lid from Home Depot. Mix the powder w/ normal resin in the dark. Pour as much as you need. Keeps forever. UV stuff is great!

Rolliges were is a good place to purchase the powder? Also how much powder do you mix per gal. of resin?


$3.95 of powder makes one gallon. $2-3 more dollars for the paint can w/ spout at Home Depot.

Edit: Call WRV and see if they have any at the factory and can send it up.

Hey thanks Rob,

I hit US fiberglass about every two weeks so next time I am there I will ask Lee Anne. Thanks again.