V shaped single fin - ?

Around 20 yrs ago, There was a fin that a friend bought for his single fin longboard and he told me that the drive and top turn speed exceeded what he had gotten used to from single fins.

The fin was an 8.5" or 9" fin that was shaped like a V and fit into a single fin box… Not to be confused with single fin Cheyne Horan type fins that have a base that extends downward ( when the board is in the water) and then splits into a foiled Y or T … This fin split into 2 fins directly out of the box, to form a V.

I spoke with the designer of that fin one time when he was in the shop and I think he’s Barry Jones and he designed other fins for Velzy.

Has anyone seen or used or is able to provide info on a fin like the one I’m describing?

I tried a few searches and so far am finding nothing.


Search for Velzy Butterfly Fin, it was produced for him by Fins Unlimited.       There may still be some available somewhere.

Thanks for that info, Bill

I located one right away and in the product description it said exactly what I was told by the guy who bought one for his 8’6" that I shaped.

“Improved drive bottom turn, and more speed off the top” 

I thought I might have to make one , but they’re still available. 

Sort of expensive. But it would be a very labor intensive project to make one.


Velzy, Jacobs, Bill Meistrell and Bev Morgan 

Velzy rules!

Did my own way back in 80

You can get some from Fran @http://surfboardsbyvelzy.com/v-fin.aspx

I wonder how a bonzer would go with one of those fins in back



Like Mattwho I made my own but I rode the commercial ones first and found they don’t really engage like a standard upright fin. Did mine with a cant starting at 12° at the base to 4° at the tip.

I think the curved blade gives drive across a wide range of angles.

That’s awesome Surffoils

It’s foild flat on the inside too 

I had the thought that I’d try a production one and then try evolving it with some personal modifications.

Thanks for posting

I am having a hard time understanding the part of the cant being 12 and 4 (deg?)

Red 12°

Orange 8°

Yellow 4°

We’ve learned a lot from actually getting out there and riding boards with multiple fins.   I’ ve talked about what “crossing up the Toe on fins can do.  I don’t think at the time Dale considered the negative effect that two canted fins at the center of the board might have.  That was because he had nothing to compare it to.  

I’ll have to look into your posts, Mc,Ding, about crossing up the toe-in.

Thanks for sharing that


I had a similar question fairly recently (see above).

The Velzy fin available today is nothing like the butterfly fin that Halcyon wrote of years previous in the thread. The clip in the thread of me on my 1st LB with the Halcyon-owned fin (literally the self-same Halcyon owned fin) is with the out-of-production fin. I bought one of the Velzy fins, with great customer service from Mrs. Velzy, and it is functionally completely dissimilar from the cast and now out-of-production version. The Velzy is a lot bigger, different cant, different material, doesn’t perform the same function(s) or in the same ways.

I don’t know how popular they are or how many they sell, but Rainbow was still making one a couple of years ago.

That is probably the one offered by Mrs. Velzy – hawaiian floral print inlay (or faux inlay), at least on the one I was able to get.

The older one that is out-of-production is much lower aspect (maybe 2-3 inches), cant more around 45* each side (the current production one is more like 55* or 60*, but I’m unable measure right now, am not in the same place the fin is).

They two incarnations do not ride at all alike.

If you have a slow, plowing board, the out-of-production one may improve it; the current production one…not so much. I found the old/out-of-prod one made a plowing 9 footer I made ride better.

" They two incarnations do not ride at all alike. "

it’s amazing how a minor angle change completely alters the ride.

if you can accept that lift is perpendicular to the fin surface and based on the AOA, a change between 45° and 60° is light years of difference. I felt that a particular cant had a particular effective angle, a single works best when the weight is down thru the board, twins work way off the sides, thrusters work across a wide spectrum or board/rider angles.

I wish I had time to study aerodynamics or hydrodynamics.

I totally grasp the principles and witness them at work every time I surf, but the thing that I’m lacking is the terminology.

It makes it difficult to compare notes.

But I appreciate the replies and the commentary.

I follow along and I understand… Just don’t say much, cause I don’t speak the language

Indeed. Between the two versions, the surface area of each fin of the Velzy seems (I’m not looking at them now, and maybe this is exaggerated by my memory/mis-recollection) almost twice as great per fin, the templates are completely different, depth, rake and base are different, and cant is different. The only thing the two versions have in common, really, is the main idea (“v-shaped twin fin, both fins sharing a base, for a center/single box.”

There IS some similarity in the personality of the two versions of the main idea, but they are so dissimilar that the board that works well with one is (imo, based on my experience) unlikely to work well with the other.

I’ll try to post some pics, with the two types side by side.

Thanks again for the hook-up earlier, Surffoils – the fin you pointed me to is the one I have that is of the earlier, out-of-production run.

Photos of the two incarnations:


Thank you very much!

Extremely helpful!

Something I remember, when I had the opportunity to have a brief conversation with Barry Jones (I’m pretty sure that was his name) who made those; He told me that it’s critical to have the base of the fins angled downward slightly in the front. Am I iremembering this correctly? 

I’d like to try building a fin like that just to find out what it’s about

No prob - happy to be of use.

The bigger fin has no board it goes in at the moment. Happy to entertain trades if anybody should hit this thread looking for one of these/those.

The older one stays here - it goes in the board in the clip (major plower, but it has its place in the quiver).