Vac pump specs?

Hey. After too many tense moments (some of you know what I mean) I’m upgrading my vac pump. Current one is a converted frig pump of unknown spec’s. And unpredictable reliability.

I’m seeing a bunch of pumps on Ebay for single and two stage. 1.5 cfm to 6 cfm.

I’m just doing one board at a time. Seems like a single stage around 1.5 to 2 cfm would be fine. I’d imagine my little frig pump is less than half that.

I’d like to be able to evacuate the bag quickly and I have a full tank/vac switch setup to cycle the pump.

Any thoughts? thx


I use a pump from aerospace composits Its the 120$ one

dont know the specs off hand but it pulls about 25 lbs max

I us a shop vac to pull most of the air out of the bag

I think insted of 1/4" tubing that 3/8" tubing would pull faster

I will try it someday