Vaqueros del sur

hey amigos! it pains me i ain’t a goin’(seriously) all i can say is drive safe, keep the fire going and have fun.much trabajo para poco dinero aqui. tu amigo Mateo

I think odds are i will find myself down south this weekend. My school is just to close not to go. Any others swayaholics heading to the land of cold water and fish tacos? darren

rumor has it…

Wouldn’t be right without you…I chickened out of a solo drive so MP and I are going to hang in SD for a couple of days…see Keith M and maybe up to see Master Phillips. We’ll do it another time, sooner than later. Hope you’re feeling better.

I would do a Mind trip to surf Three M’s 1964 and meet you guys there there wont be any one out but swales …I"ll take my Yater reverse T-band 9’4" with the reverse fin with the black stripe core I ordered from the summerland shop it backsides parrallel stance great, the lefts are better at three m’s none of the guys from down south go left much yiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppp yiiiiiiiiipp yahawwww your wave Mateo…ambrose …waiting till you catch one before i’ll go …any one else out?

i’m sittin’ around the morning camp fire, sun at my back, sippin’some cowboy coffee, shuffling my feet in the dirt, listening to the birds call, the waves crackin’ gazing out to sea-smiling like so many times before.mind travelling on a friday am, there in spirit…