Varirad convex concave tool

Anyone ever use this? Seems like it’s easy to build.

Never used that one, but made something quite similar.

Don’t use it as a crutch for putting in concave but for cleaning them up.

Worked good.

Its not very rad but I have the swied swaylocks concave convex tool

Good one Huck. Does it work well? Do you spray adhesive your paper on it? And; Do you ever use it with a pad? Like yoga mat etc? Lowel

swaylocks member swied (scott) made it and I got it at that thrailkill round table we went to a few years back. i use it like a sanding block no adhesive or pad (sounds like worth trying tho), works great for my needs.

Its got a little different curve at each end.

Made my own out of some Lexan, a couple pieces of closet pole(for handles) and a 4" x 24" belt sander belt contact cemented to the plastic.

It was cheap to make and you can vary the radius on the go (just like a Skill 100 - haha).

Yep I use a flexible one as well used to clean up the curves

On the fly!

Might just have to size up my other longboards and build a convex and or concave tool.