Vee in the tail of a hollow wooden fish???

Hey all,

just after advice from someone on this point. I’m at present part way through building my fourth hollow wood board, this one’s a 5’10" fish. Just wondering, what effect shaping a bit of vee in the tail would have on it. Just wondering as I’ve left myself this option with the ribs i’ve put in the frame to the rear of the mid point.

Also how much vee, if any, and how far from the end should be good?

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I don’t know the answer for sure but I thought the V in trad fishes was blended in from just ahead of the keels, about 1/8 to 1/4 inch V’d from the stringer at the tips?

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V does a couple of things; makes it easier to go rail to rail and slows the hull down unless you keep it on one panel or the other. The deeper the V, the more pronounced the effect. Soooo, you gotta ask yourself,“Do you wanna go fast or do ya wanna turn easy, Punk?”

From a design perspective, if you are going to use it in small surf, then go flat. Bigger stuff, add some V (if you feel the need to loosen up a 5’10" board!!!).

I’m with LeeV on this one:

  • I’ve put V into some of my fish

  • Seems to work well with a twin keel fish

  • I usually have the board flat from the nose the the mid section and increase the V through to the tail

As a side note - M.R. put V into a lot of his twinnies back in the day. They went pretty well :slight_smile:


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I’ll print those pics off for maybe a montage to be glassed into my first foam board when it happens (it’ll need something to cover the mistakes).


thanks for that, most of my waves tend to be small so flat seems the way but it would be nice to have a bit of help with turning, so maybe just a smidge of V? besides I quite fancy the extra build challenge.

Thanks Cam,

I’m going to keep the nose flat until 36" down then starting some V back to the tail, with the highest point in the spine being just 5mm above the rails. Does that sound about right?

I usually shape the vee into the last third of the board. I usually put in at least 3/16" of vee, as much as 3/8". I also prefer having the vee peak 8" or so from the tail then start to flatten out behind that. Personally I don’t think adding vee would slow you down much, the increased displacement of a fish, coupled with the added rail to rail response of the vee panels, could be to your advantage. It has worked for me anyway.