Hey, can you guys help me understand how to shape “vee” into my boards?

You can probably find other methods in the archives, but here is how I shape vee into my boards. I take about 2 or three passes the width of the planer the last third of the board following the outline. Then I take one less pass next to the first one. You end up with what looks kind of like a terrace. Then I use a sureform to blend the two steps into a flat panel. Hope this helps. The amount of passes you take will determine how deep or shallow your vee will be.

rj- i do it same as foamdust. must be a pretty universal way of achieving that V thang…anybody getting surf?

Also, try shallow planer cuts - it blends the V nicely and only requires 50 or 80 grit afterwards. I like avoiding the sureform as much as possible as it seems to always scar the foam for me. I took my mom’s lab pup out for her first surfing lesson. We paddled into 1-2 ft wind waves at the PV Cove. No one surfing, no one on the beach, a great day.