to those who have left messages or inquiries about the $2 price and resulting “sold” tag on ad.first, the price did not turn out as i had typed it.the actual price is $2,500.00.second, when you remove an ad from this site, it automatically slaps the “sold” tag on it, then after three days it is removed.

so, for Flo and others, hope this helps…

That’s funny cause when I saw it I figured it was a typo. Then I said.must be $250.00. I guess I was wrong.

So…did you sell it?

nope…some associates have threatened my life if i do…ranting and raving random garbbled threats are a side effect of chlorine fumes i suppose…

I assume your associate wants you to donate it to the museum?

The Paul Jensen Charitable Board Museum in Olympia, Washington…

Need the address…???..



this is a job for the ssssssSILVER OMBUDSMAN!!!

contact 'im on space link 674 Betelgeuse 5

he could be here by tomorrow night…

if it fell into the wrong hansd,lik that kid francis next door to pee wee…?

oh dear where is the OMBUDSMAN when ya need 'im


for the legions of the un affiliated





Are you selling your Velo copy?

I am interested!!

J-Bay 4-9 foot every day…but on the beach for 3 days with swolen elbow…got a couple shots from doc. that should fix it up.


Maybe the new ultimate travel board. let’s pass it around.

doesn’t somebody sell them in the beach house in santa barbara on occasion . Iknow i have seen them there in the recent past. like 900.00 bones

I’ve seen Wilderness flex spoons with edge bottoms there but they were over $1,000 if I recall.