Velzy Logo and Year?

I know that Velzy used a few different logos, and that at one point the Velzy popouts were not even his brand.

Does anyone know which “version” or year this logo would be from? I suspect it’s from the  post-1965 popouts

when he sold the rights to Al Bernard?



Finnaly found my copy of Dales book, if you don’t already have one get one it’s real.

I thought it was from the “Bohemian era” and the best would early 60’s. (not 61)

Sammy not sure if it was you who posted a link to that site Stoked N Board. That logo is listed under Bohemian like oldphart mentioned.



Bohemian (Updated: 12/2008)

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OWNER: Jack Rhodes (Surf Equipment Mfg. Co., San Francisco, Ca, financed by Johnson & Johnson®)

FACTORY:CostaMesa,California… started1960…closed1970

Owned“Velzy”(Dale)name(soldtoBernardin1961). … 1960. … 1966

Boards sold through retail sporting goods stores Abercrombie & Fitch, Sears, Montgomery Ward and Big-5.

**'Velzy Surf Board - Trademark Registered - The Surfboard of Champions - Hawaii - California’       8'6" to  9'8"    pop-outs............................. s1960.........x1970 **

That is correct or Dale was lying to me when he told me about the “Popout” Bohemian thing. ( and that’s not likly).  I would only add that he said he got ripped off on that deal,  He shipped a batch of surfboards to San Francisco that were to be sent on to Hawaii.  Dale even paid the freight to San Francisco.  Rhodes never paid him.