Velzy on DVD

I hope I don’t offend anyone by forwarding an e-mail I received from Photographer Scott Starr. It’s in regard to an old film called Blue Surf-ari that he has transferred to DVD.

I don’t have any vested interest except passing on the stoke of Velzy… here’s what Scott says –

Hey if you want, tell everyone on that post I have this very rare surf film called BLUE SURF-ARI.shot around 1966…it was never released on Video but I took the film and transferred it, I sell DVD copies of it now. I think I sold you a tape of it in the beginning… Tell everyone it has Velzy in his shop, shooting a bow and arrow, and riding his dune buggy etc… $19 will get it priority mailed to them… just a thought, something cool they may all want to see…

Scott Starr [ ]

Graciñas Epac.



Tell scott starr he’s a leech to da max. any other older surfers on film he can profit on when they die??? share the Velzy stoke for only $19???