Velzy repair

Just finshed repairing 32 pressure dings on the bottom of a Velzy. The dings have been filled and sanded smooth. In getting the board totally smooth I got into the glass in a couple of spots. I am planning to do a final gloss coat on the entire bottom.

Should I thin the resin out with Styren to make it flow better?

What is the best way to protect the fin box?

Thanks in advance,

It’s not neccessary but if you are not worried about weight you could recoat the sand throughs.This will stop you from sanding through when you are rubbing out the gloss coat.

If the air temp is above 20 degrees C (72 F ?) dont thin the resin. you really shouldn’t need to thin your gloss reason anyway, unless it is very old.

A piece of masking tape across the slot will protect your fin box, or you could fill it with wax. I’ve even heard of guys using gelatine and washing it out after rubbing. (The board not themselves).

Did you colour match the dings?



On any repair where there is a large area of dents, holes, etc, you’re better off sanding the entire side and laminating a layer of 4 oz. clear then hotcoating. This seals all the tiny cracks that you can’t see but also provides a flatter surface for glossing.

I could not agree with my good friend Pete C. more. Multiple dings in a general area should always be layed over with a 4 oz. lam. If nothing else for waterproofing. Lowel

As the two gents before me have said, go wild with some light cloth. Squeegeeing it gently, it can fill a lot of dents and etc, put a nice waterproof layer over the cracks and besides, adding a little strength can prevent future pressure dings to some extent.

hope that’s of use


thanks for the info! I’ll be finsihing the project this week end! 4oz. ,lam, and coat here we come!