I was curious about this board. I was wondering if any of you guys had more info on it. I know Velzy licence out his name to a company at some point and they started making pop outs. I’m wondering if this is one of them, its stringer less, 7ft tall no singnature and I’ve never seen this logo before on a Velzy. Any info you may have would be appreciated. Year, value, collectible, pop out,  not a pop out thanks. 

The Velzy pop out days where over by this time.

Dale was still runnin’ from the IRS though. The photo looks more like his underground work for Soul, Russell and Chuck Dent among others.

I can only speculate and my guess is IF the board is well shaped and stringer less, it might make sense. You have to consider that about this time Dent and Velzy had issues with money and Dale had to "hold some back” to get his money. 

Now the obvious, why would Velzy put his name on it? I mean this would be around the time the IRS found him again and threatened to garnish his wages, although that never materialized.

Really don’t know for sure, very interesting, maybe the other “Matt” (Velzy) or others can chime in.

One more thing, the real value is in the ride!


Single fin??  A fin box??  The board appears to be Opaque.  How can you be sure it is stringerless…  I can’t imagine Velzy shaping anything without “some” wood in it.  But ya never know.   He did a bunch of shaping in Santa Monica back during that time frame.  Forget who for.  May have been Natural Progression.  He was a well known “Ghost” for awhile there. Lowel

Velzy hated “dopers” and loved Vodka and Bob Wills!

Thanks for the info guys. McDing it’s a single fin. I included two close ups one below the nose and one just above the fin. I’ve seen allot of discolored boards there isn’t a stringer. It really has me puzzled. 

Two close ups

O.K. I’ll do it. I rest my case…

BTW Chuck would’a gotten a $15.00 job if Velzy did shape it.

A hui hou!

Appears this board was glassed with mat(chopped fiber)?

OK  Looks like a Mayor of HB deal to me.  Lowel

Yep, telltale sign of a ‘‘popout’’ board.    Most likely a ‘‘hardshell’’ blank.     The mat was put into the mold when the foam was poured.      They were really strong.      No need to glass.    Just sand, hotcoat, sand again, and gloss.

I was about to say, that looks like glass mat. That means it’s assuredly a popout. Velzy was affiliated with Jack’s Surfshop briefly, during the transition years. This could have been one from that same period, as Jack’s was a big purveyor of popouts.

I have seen quite a few glass mat boards and blanks over the years.  They were all stringerless.

Hey guys thanks for all the info really helpful stuff. Sorry for the late reply back but I was away for work but I did want to thank you all for your reply’s. Anyone have any idea on the year? and the logo was it only used for a short time? Thanks again




I have one with that same lettering. Shape is simular. Can’t find much about it.


Doing a bit of research on Velzy shows all, or most of the folklore is true, he was quite a surfer, shaper, entrepreneur and a hell of a man in many arenas. 

Not the best businessman but if God gave Velzy back to us

I’d give him Justin Bieber in return.