Veneer repair help?

I just brought a used surftech mctavish stylist (i know a lot of people don’t like surftech but it was really cheap and i thought it will be fun repairing the veneer rail). I want to get your opinion on what kind of veneer will match up with it? i have rail damage on both the lighter and darker veneer. I tried google search but couldn’t find anything about the veneer. thanks again

Go to the foam core if you have to and use a thicker piece of wood if it is a small repair. Even though there is no fiberglass cloth on the outside of the wood I still patch it with cloth

consider light wood and match color with airbrushing

good luck with your project

Thanks, I been to boardlady’s website and there are a lot of good repair info over there. But i just want to know what type of veneer(maple, birch, etc) will somewhat match up to those veneers on my board. thanks again


If it is not a huge repair go deep and thick with the wood., shape to match and patch. Can’t help with the wood type with out looking at it. Anything close and make it water tight. Remember it’s a surftech not a vintage brewer.


ST veneers are in my experience quite thin but as the others have said, you can go with thicker wood in your repair, you end up re-shaping it down anyway so having some extra meat is good.

show some shots!!! makes it easier and more fun!

if you have trouble getting veneer this guy is great:

He will ship but he also lives a few blocks down so if you only need a small amount I’d be happy to pick some up and post it to you.

Check out They have a great selection of veneers in a range of thickness’s. They will also send you samples that are about 8.5"x11" so you can figure out what species and thickness you need. If the repair area is small enough you could possibly just use the sample pieces for the work.