Vent plug idea

Just a quickie, but I thought I would share.

looking for a few things and somthing caught my eye, that would be perfect for a vent plug.

Motor bike windscreen screws, basically they have a metal female thread in a plastic insert, and the bolts has a clear plastic seal ring, the bolts are quite decrative and come in several colours. cost about £1 each but sure you could find them cheaper

Sorry if anyones suggested these before.


Probably will have to drill out the middle of the insert, so it’ll go through to the foam?

And cut vertical grooves into the outside of the insert, so when you set them in resin, the epoxy has something to key to, and the whole plug won’t crack free and turn when your screwing it.

They’ll look groovy.

I’ll have a look in a bike shop for them, I like it!

Cheers man


Thanks, Woody. Great find. Looks from the pic like it takes a hex head screwdriver; is that right? Would it be the same size as a fin key by any chance?

If so, it is the prefabricated version of the vent idea I wanted advice on putting together about a month ago, for which Kit gave me such excellent instructions.

Even if it isn’t fin key sized, it’s a great vent. Thanks again. Time to visit my local cycle shop.



KKsurf - the ones I saw already had the hole in, the bolt sticks out the back so if anything the bolt would need to be cut down. A agree with putting some notches in so it doesn’t twist out, there’s easily enough plastic to put these in.

Schiffie - yep all the ones I saw had a hex head, a bit bigger than a fin key though, if I had to guess I’d say 4mm.

Thanks for the additional info, Woody. Have yet to get to the cycle shop, but still inspired. Please keep us posted if you try one out. Interested to hear how it works.