Vent Plug in 1.25 EPS?

I want to build a wood covered eps longboard.
In an older thread the opinion is
1 lb density → use vent!
1.5 lb density → not recommended

I have 1.25 EPS (20kg/m³). What should I do?
Especially if I do a splitable Board again. Then I would need to use 2 vents. Doesn’t like this idea…

also tried to wake up an older thread ( but this doesn’t seam to work…

If your wood is thicker(1/4 inch), a sandwhich construction and completely covers the foam you’ll be safer. A splittable board is for traveling right? In an airplane? Changes in altitude will expand the air in the board. do you want to take chance with your hard work getting a delam? Vents don’t cost much repairs cost a lot. effort, time out of the water. Goretex vents are simple and pretty reliable.

I don’t have any EPS boards with a vent. I have used less than 1 lb up to 2 lb foam. I have had one board made from under 1lb foam swell up from being left out in the hot Hawaiian sun too long. I was trying to do a post cure and I forgot that it was out in direct sunlight. May have been an hour or 2 maybe a little more.
I typically throw my board in the car, head down to the beach (about 5-10 min drive), then go straight home. I don’t use board covers (socks) either.
I think it would be safer to use a vent if you plan on traveling by air, or if you think the board will be in the hot sun long.

thank you for your replies.
Due to lot travleing by air, I will install one Gore vent plug in both halves of the board.