Vent Question

I have been using the Greenlight leash plug vents now. Love em. My question for yall is, when you’re shaping something with e huge stringer (bigger than the vent itself) and opt to place it on the right or left of the stringer, how can I make sure the air isn’t compartmentalized into the side sans vent.

Since the stringer is thiiick I decided to drill a hole through it like so (pics) I think this should work, but wanted to see what you guys do or if this was a mistake. I shape for myself and friends, so I admittedly don’t spend a ton on the best foam, I buy blocks of 1# EPS so venting is sorta a must in my opinion.

…but I would just place a vent on either side. Cuz you’re liable to seal the foam at the stringer when you glue it up anyway.

Very valid point. I have no way of knowing really if the glue expanded enough to seal the hole.

Is that your stringer?

No very thick. - put the plug in the center and then drill one hole In he plug at and able to vent the right side and one at an angle to vent the left.

Just did it on a paddle board with a 1" stringer. - worked great.

Or just stick one on each side. -

What you save in the cost of foam is most likely Just goes to added glass and vent plugs.

Thicker than she looks, in the right places of course.
That’s good I’ll do that. So to make sure I understand you’re saying drill the hole, then drill holes at the base of the hole diagonally from the stringer into the foam?

When you install your plug - you are suppose to drill a hole straight through the bottom after install so the air can get in and out. Instead of drilling one hole straight down - drill one hole at an angle, through the plug/stringer til you hit foam. Then do another on the other side.

is this a shortboard, longboard, or SUP?

I inset the vented leash plug just like on a thin stringer but I take a dremel tool to the stringer and possibly a drill bit to create a channel for air to flow from both sides to the base/bottom of the leash plug. Seems to work as I don’t like to offset my leash plugs; I find offset leash plugs tend to make the boards tombstone too much for my liking.

you can get some ideas by going to the greelight web page heres a link

Great info guys. Thanks. Correct me if I am wrong but those vented plugs should not be drilled, I feel like that would cut the gortext or whatever the system is that keeps water out.

I think I’ll drimel the stringer at an angle. In any event I have already done that hole and maybe it will work too. Not going to over think it.

Huck, It’s a 5’8" little groveler. As of right now just a big ol hunk of foam.

Thanks fellas

All my talk is about the standard gore vent plug that is typically seen in the top 1/3 of the board . Sorry if I confused you.

I know there are a few variations of the plug.

oh gotcha. thanks yeah I was confused.

Go here is see how to correctly install a single vent in a stringered board: