venting and the old fashioned way.

this has nothing to do with proper venting of HWS devices. i just needed to vent en generale. yesterday a local shaper called me to cut an alaia up for his kid. said local shaper, who takes 6-8 weeks to turn around a board, asked me to have it done by monday. now the backstory is i really like this guy. i will disclaim and say to call me a woodworking hobbyist is still a bit of a stretch for my level of expertise. i only have one alaia under my belt. so speaking of belts. that’s really the point of this. when i first started desiring to make an alaia i vowed to use only hand tools. after 4 hours with a handplane and rasp i found a 60$ skil 1560 at lowes. because i had mostly handplaned the first alaia i only needed the skil for about <1/8" to true everything up. so enter alaia #2 late last night i was ready to start the rails of a pretty piece of paulownia 6’6" traditional alaia shape. we’ll say that i made it 5 passes on the first rail of the first side before the belt to the bladedrum shredded itself into a stringy mess. re-enter 10$ handplane and rasp again. i found bosch online sells the belt for 5$ and overnight saturday shipping = 52.50$. i did mention the planer new cost me just over 60$? oh well. it’s christmas! hope everyone has a great end to 2009. giggle a bit at my story if you don’t mind. my belt will show up tomorrow night and i’ll finish the plane work to get it epoxied on monday or tuesday. just going to have to incorporate the 50$ shipping into the price of the finished alaia. he’s already getting a deep discount.