Ventura area chiropractor

Just moved to Ventura. Surfing more on my yellow/black flexspoon.

Looking for a chiropractor in the area to deal with surfing(and other) related injuries/misalignments.


check out Lars Lundstrum on Johnson Drive, just past the Century 16 theaters and next to Computer Idiots. A family friend referred us and my wife swears by him.

Dr. Stanley D. Jensen

3687 E. Las Posas Road

Camarillo, CA 93010


Experienced with sports medicine, worked the Barcelona Olympics if memory serves. Worked me through a pinched nerve in my neck, most physically painful experience of my life, and probably cleared up another few earlier decades worth of incidental damage here and there. He started with invesitgation and education and then treatment - I am not kidding when I say he provided more actual care on my first visit than I got at the HMO. With my insurance I had to pay cash (for 6 intense weeks), but worth every penny. I really thought I was going to be going back once a month or so for adjustment, but it’s going on 8 years and I haven’t needed to, which I attribute to the education part of the treatment. And as far as I’m concerned I have a lifetime excuse not to shovel mud again…

Depending on the time of day though the drive between Ventura and Camarillo is a traffic nightmare…

Jan Sovitch (pronounced like “yawn”) Not a chiro but an acupucturist. Hard core surfer also. Acup can be excellent for sports injuries etc (says the acupuncturist hehehehe)


Looking for a chiropractor in the area to deal with surfing(and other) related injuries/misalignments.


Dr. Brad Johnson

Goleta Valley Chiropractic

worth the drive

Full time surfer


stacy pibranic for accupuncture. her office is right up the street from the point (across from waveline and tony’s pizza) she surfs and is totally mellow. angela sutter for chiropractic(on donlon) behind target.

Many thanks for the recommendations.

Wound up going to Lars Lundstrom as my 83 year old mother needs to see the chiro also and he is very close. So far so good.

Easternpac you know Brad? I used to do shiatsu/physical therapy in his office about 15(?) years ago.

yeah, great guy, Dr. and now friend

Always liked Brad. Great chiro! Amazingly skilled esp for the short time he’d been in practice when I knew him (mid 90’s). Got to watch his patients in comparison to two other docs in same office. No comparison. One was just ok and the other downright scary. Brad rocked. Got peeps well in record time.