Veriset fin box needed

I came across a board with what I think is a cracked Veriset fin box. (at least I think it is a Veriset)

The box is approximately 12.5" long and 1.125" wide.

This fin is a bit different from the Waveset (it does not have a sloped base) I know they dont make the fin anymore, does anyone know where I can get a fin box or a contact that might have one for sale?

Here are the pics of the fin (NO, I am not selling the fin)


It is an early (second generation) Fins Unlimited fin.      Box was white Cycolac plastic, using two plates to hold the fin in.      They MAY have some of those boxes in storage.      It’s worth a call to them.

Bill T is correct (as usual) second gen FU fin and their first adjustable design. Hence the name “Variset”. The fin is most likely made of lexan. Brittle stuff with poor impact resistance. That’s why there aren’t many around. They broke easily.

If the present day folks at FU don’t have a box for you, hunt for an old trashed out board that’s missing the fin and do a little transplanting. There are more boards with that box in decent condtition than there are fins to fit them. But, they didn’t make a whole lot of them as that type was only in production for a few years. Phased out during the transition era and followed by the same type used today.

Thanks to you both, I really appreciate the feedback. I will contact FU and see what I come up with.


Thats a fins unlimited variset all day long! Give them a call about the fin box. They only advertise the slanted original from 66’- 69’ for 50$ or so but. 3 years ago a friend broke my lexan fin on my design 1 !

It included hardware,a new composite fin, and 3 day ground shipping for$27.50! For display its good but dont surf it!(40 year old brittle lexan.bahne says they keep them around for the windsurfers!