Veterans, remembered and thanked.

I’m sure there are numerous veterans among the Swaylock’s forum membership.      I want to thank all of you, for your service to our nation.     I have personal knowledge of only one such member, and want to call him out for recognition.      Mr. Herb Spitzer.     Herb, thank you, most sincerely, for your service.      I am proud to be in your circle of friends.


I. Sure there are many. Wasn’t there a guys who built a few board while deployed over in the Middle East? 

I’ll second Bill’s thanks! 

Thank you Mr. Thrailkill for the recognition and thanks you to all fellow vets for their sacrifices then and now. Many are still on going. Herb Spitzer performed the most noble roles (M.O.S.) in the combat theater as a Medic/Corpsman. He is still giving to the community as a medical professional. What more can we say but THANK YOU!! Semper Fi!

Yes, Thank you!  Mike