Victory Koredry in Huntington Beach California is now manufacturing the pioneering Topless Board Bag for the SUP industry and Surfboard industry. Victory Koredry is a proprietary 4 way stretch materail that’s UPF 50, reflective and water repellant and a perfect match to keep boards protected from the suns damaging UV rays.

  • Keeps boards over 30 degrees cooler versus uncovered boards
  • Slips on in ten seconds
  • No overheated boards
  • No board bag hassles
  • No flapping straps and wind noise
  • Easy to and from the water UV protection
  • Wont blow off board in transit
  • Fits in a back pack
  • Patent Pending
Topless Board Bag..."An Easier Way"

Please don’t even try to write stuff in Hawaiian if you do not speak it,you will invariably make a fool of youself.Stick to proper English.Mahalo

and your bags are nice for sun protection,but I would like more padding against dings from bumps and falls.

Do you make fin bags?, but just for the tip of the fin?. How about half leash bags too??.

I would rather be caught dead than with an ironing board cover on my board.

They aren’t for everybody. I am with Victory Koredry and had to comment on your post becuase we describe them as an ironing board cover as well because that is exactly how they work even if that doesn’t sound cool. I see many inventions as one of the few remaining manufacturers of lycra and neoprene products here in Orange County and this is one of the few I have seen that really works and solves a real need. We have made regular board bags but they are a pain to make and store especially for SUPs that are so big. If you need serious impact protection than a regular board bag is needed but I think for most people most of the time, sun protection is the primary concern for the board and these are so much easier to put on and off and store.

I like it very much thanks for sharing this information with us….:slight_smile:

WOW! That’s great! I really love bags and now they are manufacturing bags for surfboard industry. :slight_smile:

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