Vietnam surf

I am going to Vietnam and Cambodia in a few months and I know Vietnam has waves but would like to get more info from anyone who has been there…I have googled and checked out the little bit of info thats on the net but ya cant beat hearing it from fellow surfers who have been there …thanks in advance…

Try this thread:



thanks…also thanks to the guy who just rang me to share his experiences…

For some of us when we heard " going to Viet Nam. "  It was not our choice and we were not thinking surf.  

Have a great trip, have fun. Hope you can find some surf.  Please remember to say a prayer or do something to honor all those that lost their lives in that terrible war.


Amen to that.  And to all those still suffering from the toxic legacy of Agent Orange we left behind.

might be a few prayers on this trip, or at least a few sad moments when I also visit Cambodia and the killing fields, am sure it’ll stir up some emotions in me, well it does on tv so the real thing will create some feelings for sure…should be an amazing trip, waves or not…but I hope to get wet a few times, just have to decide if the waves are worthy of carrying a board thru the airports and traffic etc…but it might be a 5’3" 'dim-SIM '( my version of the mini sims ) so at least its short and easier to manage