Viewing a Template

hi there

im a new member of this site and am willing to view a template of a surfboard, I do not have access to this aspect of the website. I am wondering how I can view this template. I hope the surf is up where you’re at.

Merry Christmas all

OK.  Common somebody.  Help the guy out.  He wants to take a look at your templates.  Share one of those Simmons things with him.

Will any template do , or is there something specific you wish to view ?

Here ya go.

View this!

That is approx. 30 of 200+

Go To The Blending Curves web site. They have templates you can print out off your computer. 

On the tabs at the top left of the page, find “Quiver.”  There are tons of boards people have made and posted photos of.  There are also a few photos of template patterns on Masonite…

xpocini, i have over 100 templates. what are you after exactly? Thats not an offer of 100+ templates by the way but I can hook you up with a specific one.

Agree with this comment.  I’m a backyard hack but really like this website because you can print out the templates on paper and then trace and cut out on masonite (or whatever material you choose).  You can also mix and match the different templates if you want to get creative.