Vince Broglio Glassworks

Hey all, I recently acquired a Vince Broglio Glass work funboard/longboard. I cant find any info on this thing, except the dude is from Santa Cruz. Anybody here know anything about these boards? Stay Stoked

Vince is a classic westside character. An excellent surfer and a pretty funny guy. Surfs the north coast a lot(no waves up there), early Mavs crew guy, charges big days, see him at the lane when its big. Haven’t seen too many new boards by him lately but he runs a small one man glass shop. He is from the same generation as Robert Waldemar, Jeff Scott, Dave and Richard Schmidt and Vince Collier. He’s probably about 45

Cool, thanks for the info. However, i noticed that the signature on the foam is a Billy Keech… the plot thickens… and word on this guy?

Vince Broglio just launched a website dedicated to his resin art. He does some fine work and you can contact him there about his boards too.