Vintage australian board research

Here is a question for my australian maaaaaaaaaaates:

I am currently restoring a very old Cordingley Surfboard; I assume it must have been produced around 1964/65 since it was purchased by one of my friends from a visiting aussie surfer around '65/'66.

The board has a sticker that says “Boomerang Board Club” and it is in a bad shape. The owner would very much like to keep it but what would be great would be a new original sticker, although I doubt they still exist. But if you don’t try…

Does it ring something for someone down there? Thanks!


Pretty sure you could have a new one made from the photo you posted and no one would be able to tell the difference.  Just sayin’.

Yes, that was a possible option.

Anyway, any info about Cordingley Surfboards and/or the Boomerang Board Club would be welcome.

Nice, a board from my home town. WA’s oldest surf brand I believe. I grew up two suburbs away from the various factories Cordingley’s (later just Cordingley) was situated in. The company went through many changes and subsidery names to keep it alive and still has a shop on Scarborough beach -  Unsure if/who’s shaping for them, at one time manufacturing was sourced out to various local shapers. I’m not going to guess on all the history of Cordingley’s cause I just don’t remember and a ‘search’ is probably more accurate than my guess work. One thing I do know is Len Dibben’s name was closely related to Cordingley boards. Who shaped it? Logo source I use quite a bit - 

Regards, Steve

Len Dibbens early shop…

Cordingleys last owned shaping shop. Name/owner changed to Surf West surfboards, I guess in the mid/late eighties. My last custom board was made here…and the showrood hadn’t changed at all!


Thanks a lot for the info, Smerk.

Do you think that the Boomerang Board Club was a local surf club?

How about some full view pics of the board?

I shared these pics with some people from OZ. So far, not much help. One guy says that there might be shaper’s initials on the bottom in front of the fin.

If the board really is from 1964-65 I doubt it. But, might as well have a look.

Here are a few more photos, SammyA. As could be foreseen, no shaper’s marks. The board is 9’2" x 22". I added the balsa tailblock as the tail was badly dinged. Also reglassed the fin and basically made the board watertight.

Right next to the Liquor Store.  Convenient.

Those are nice looking boards.  Especially considering the Era.

G’day Balsa,

There is an Australian Vintage Surffboard collectors FB page.  That would be your best bet. Surfresearch is a great,  the best source of Australian surfboard history but for WA specific stuff I’d try the FB page. I could post there if you like. I have also had contact with the guy who hosts the site below and could contact him. Drop me an e-mail if you want me to chase these options up.



Thanks, Bob, I had already checked both sources. A Gary Mc Cormick gave me the name of Dave Ellis who supposedly kept all Cordingley’s records from the '60s. Will try to get in touch with him and see what can be obtained.

If you need me to do something let me know. 

Actually, yes, if you may. Here is the message I got this morning: " Dave Ellis has a mobile number +061 4028632552, tell him you are a friend of Malibu Mick and Gaz from Mullaloo and he will do his best at getting info on the board using its number (written on the stringer by the Shaper who usually uses his name or initials) Dave will tell you when it was made and possibly who first bought it." Could you possibly get in touch with this guy Dave Ellis? Not easy for me from here and you know I’m not that good at English speaking, especially on the phone… Writing is OK but speaking…

Unfortunately, no number or shaper’s mark anywhere on the board so I’m afraid he won’t be able to help that much. Anyway I’m having a friend re-draw the board club logo but any info on this club and, of course, if it’s available, the name of the first owner of the board would be great. The guy most probably travelled to France between '64 and '66 if it can help…

Thanks for anything you can do. When are you coming back?

Ok, who are Malibu Mick and Gaz? Do you know them or are they mates of someone else?   WA is 2 hours behind our time so I’ll ring tomorrow.

I don’t know those guys. No hurry whatsoever.