Vintage G&S Longboard

Scored this old G&S longboard today- it had been hanging in a barn for 30 years.  There are many minor little dings but it is remarkably solid.  No soft spots or delamination whatsoever.  Clearly the fin has lost its original profile shape along the way judging by that obvious flat spot.  So a couple of questions… first anybody know how old this one is?  This is my first vintage board I’ve ever owned but somewhere in the mid '60s?  I bought it primarily as a historical piece but was really taken aback by how structurally sound it is.  Part of me wants to fix the dings and ride it this summer.  Would you guys recommend putting new resin on a board like this and putting it back in the water?  Or would that be a complete no-no on a board like this?  Any thoughts appreciated.

1964 / 1965

Looks like early to mid '60’s. I’d fix the dings if yo need to get it water tight sand it to the hot coat and regions.  That would add a bit of weight.  Ride it on uncrowned days.  You can reprofile the fin to get rid of the flat spot or leave it as is

I agree with Bill T. Mid 60s stock G&S

No historical value. Fix all the dings and ride it. It would be a collectible if in better condition but it’s a pretty generic board for the period. Looks like that solid glass tailblock took some hard hits.

I’d sand it down to the weave, except where the blue stripe is. Just scuff up that so the new resin sticks. Throw a new coat on the whole board and done

Fixing the dings is not some sort of vile anti-Christ blaspheme;  but instead will preserve a historic treasure. Fix the dings, get out there and ride it.  If you have never ridden a 60’s board your view on surfing will all together change.